The FAQ aims to provide the citizen with relevant and general information. They do not respond to concrete cases, they do not constitute as legal advice, nor do they exempt the consultation of the legal text, when applicable.

  1. Confort on board

    What's the dress code?
    You should wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement and is not easily attached to jags. Normally during the fall and winter the temperature is mild but sometimes, especially at night, the sea breeze can be cold. On colder days, you can always count on the heating of the sailboat in the lounge located on the deck and with warm blankets so you want to stay outside. During sunny days, especially in the summer, we advise you to bring a hat because too much sun can cause sun stroke, but we are forced to always have solutions for the most distracted.

    Can I wear boots or shoes on board?
    For your safety you must sail barefoot on board. When you enter the boat you will be asked to put your shoes in a bag that will be delivered to you and then kept in a separate place for that purpose. During the colder period, we will have other solutions on board. In the case of people wishing to remain seated during the walk, we advise them to wear shoes without heels and preferably with white rubber soles.

    Should I bring water or food on board?
    We usually have some goods that can be purchased by customers but you can bring your food and drinks. In private rentals we can buy food or drinks by request.

    I usually get seasick . Should I be anxious?
    No! On our boats we want people who are "willing" and we will do everything we can so you do not get sick. Our sailboats are large and spacious, they allow you to move across, but if you do not feel comfortable, you should ask us for a nausea tablet, preferably at the beginning of the tour.

    Does your boat have an Internet connection?
    Azimuthglobe boats have free 4G Internet, however, certain types of tours and activities can be done with our partners' boats that may not have these facilities. In this case our Skipper will be happy to turn your mobile phone into a hotspot for a little more restricted use of these facilities.

    Can I choose the type of music?
    We will be happy to have the music to please customers, so depending on the homogeneity of the passengers, we usually invite customers to choose the type of music they want to listen to or bring their own music. In our sailboats the music can be selected from USB devices or with bluetooth connection.

    Can I smoke on board?
    It depends on the type of boat. On our sailboats there is an appropriate and well marked place, which is located next to the rudders aft of the boat suitable to be able to smoke safely and without disturbing the other passengers, in the other places smoking is not allowed.

    Can we stop anywhere to swim?
    There are proper tours to to swim in the sea, but whenever requested and if in non-interdicted zone, we will be happy to satisfy your request.

    Can I take a shower with fresh water after a swim in the sea?
    Yes! our sailboats have stern shower and both bathrooms with hot water shower on the lower deck.

    Is there a minimum age allowed for the tours?
    Our sailboat tours have no age restrictions. Some nautical activities may have specific conditions included in the ticket instructions and / or email to respond to the request for information. In any case, although we have children's vests on board, it is advisable to inform us about the age of the children you intend to bring so that we can have the most appropriate lifejackets.

    If I get unwell on board, will your insurance cover the costs of the treatment?
    Certainly, the crew will do everything they can to avoid this, but if this happens, you can count on the insurance inherent in the activity of Tourism and Tour Operator.

  2. Payments

    How can I do to know if there are still places for the tour that I intend to do?
    Azimuthglobe operates several vessels, so if you contact us in advance you will be very likely to get the service you want, but it is convenient that this contact is done by email or telephone. We usually respond immediately and captivate the service for a period of time until the reservation is made. If the purchase of the ticket is made through a website, this place is immediately reserved for you, if you want to buy the ticket on the spot you should contact us by phone so we can book your ticket.

    How to pay?
    There are two types of events: those that are sold through the Internet or through our partners and those that are reserved after contact by email or telephone. The first can be paid directly on the website or to our partners. The reservations made through the internet must be signposted by bank transfer and the rest can be paid at the place of embarkation.

    What payment methods are accepted?
    Payments can be made by Paypal, MBWay, Bank Transfer or Cash.

    Do I need to print the ticket purchased by the site?
    No, before each trip our skipper has a list of the guests that will be on board, so it is enough to identify yourself the moment you board the vessel.

    Is the ticket transferable?
    Yes, if the person who bought the ticket can not use it for any reason, you can offer it to anyone you understand, as long as you inform us via the purchase email or if the guest receives the ticket printed.

    What are the situations in which I will be reimbursed?
    If the service is canceled up to 30 days before or it is not done by adverse weather conditions, the refund will be made in full. If the service is canceled up to 15 days before, AZIMUTHGLOBE returns 50% of the amount paid. If cancellation is made after that date, AZIMUTHGLOBE will not return the signal, but in any case, will do everything to make the tour on another date without any penalty for the client. In all cases, the fees and costs due in the process of reservation or acquisition of the service, if any, will always be met by the customer.