Oeiras - Lisbon tour

Make your route to Lisbon a pleasant boat trip

Are you housed in Oeiras or Cascais and plan to visit Lisbon? How about a boat trip? Start the day sailing in our company and enjoy the beauty of the Tagus River. Settle down on our sailboat, relax and enjoy while exploring the history of the city. Then fall in love with the famous sights and monuments that the view offers.

Departing from the marina of Oeiras to Lisbon (Belém)

  • Saturday at 09:00 am.
  • Duration: approx. 3:00 am.
  • Includes: coffee or tea and biscuits
  • Price: 60€ per person

Main tourist attractions of this tour:

  • Lisbon Fortifications
  • Belém Tower
  • Hieronymites Monastery  
  • Monument to the Discoveries
  • Cristo Rei
  • Praça do Comércio
  • Art Architecture and Technology Museum
  • Electricity Museum

mapa Oeiras Lisboa

Leaving the Oeiras marina, we will sail towards Lisbon contemplating the wonderful beaches of Laje, Santo Amaro de Oeiras and Fontainhas, passing the Paço D'Arcos and its Geyser that can reach 50 meters in height. A beautiful image that many say is the spitting whale whose tail is next to the marina from which we left.

Along the boat route to Lisbon we can appreciate several maritime fortifications that once protected the capital: the Fort of Nossa Senhora das Mercês de Catalazete, built in 1762 and activated until 1910, the Fort of São João das Maias and the Fort of São Bruno of Caxias, both constructed in 1640 during the War of the Restoration of the Portuguese independence against the Spanish reign. The first fort was severely damaged during the earthquake of 1755, repaired and enlarged and later served in 1809 to integrate the famous 152-strong fortification line, planned by Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Welington, during the Napoleonic wars.

As we approach Lisbon, other buildings appear in front of us: The Champalimaud Center, a world reference in biomedical research and in the fight against cancer, the Belém Tower, considered by many the ex-libris of the city of Lisbon, the Monument to the Discoveries, Nau-shaped monument, erected for the Portuguese World Exhibition in 1940, the Electricity Museum and the MAAT, the 25th de Abril Bridge, once Ponte Oliveira Salazar, the Cais do Sodré with a modern riverside area where they find the old shipyards and the Paça do Comércio, central place of Lisbon where the Naus arrived with the commerce and where was built a square considered a historical symbol of the political power. On your return you will have time to enjoy the Cristo Rei on the other side of the river, full of industrial buildings of the old regime. We will finally dock at the Belém dock, next to the Jerónimos Monastery and in a place full of tourist attractions.

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